Buying April 16, 2019

In-House Photography

Photographs form a critically important part of the marketing mix designed to promote your property at its best. Every image really counts, as people will decide whether to enquire further or dismiss a property based solely on the first impression given by the photograph.  


So why allow an amateur photographer, to take your photos? Whilst most of use can take reasonable holiday snaps, photographing property is entirely different and many estate agents don’t have the required training, equipment, artistry, software or time to do your property justice. We go about things differently. Our agents are trained in property photography and our clients love the results, because of the following: 


Weather: we’ll always assess the lighting options presented by the forecast weather conditions and plan accordingly rather than simply hoping that the sun will shine (we also check out when the sun is going to be in the right place too).


Equipment: The right equipment, usually the most expensive, can be the making of the right photograph for your property.  A standard wide-angle lens is simply not acceptable when photographing the harsh lines of a building, due to parallel convergence - which can even make a room look smaller than it should. 


Lighting: A standard camera flash can make a room look flat and dull, whereas a large aperture camera without flash can capture warmth and character beautifully. Hidden remote control flashes can also be used to fill in darker areas. Most agents have never heard of these!


Studio work. Numerous improvements can be made to photos digitally after the event, such as adding blue sky, lightening dark areas, intensifying colours of removing eyesores (where legally permissible, eg removing a temporary skip or rubbish bin).


Bearing in mind that the final image will be compressed for web uploading it is even more important that the original quality is excellent.  


So if you’ve been wondering why our photos are a cut above those provided by other agents, you now know - it’s because we know what we’re doing, and – we care!

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